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Pre-Op Checklist Assume that you are going to be podded.

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Adam eve chat

Try to match racial jammers to the appropriate racial ships. You can right click a gate, do show info, and click on the green eye to see its size. Typing in local without the permission of the FC can get you kicked out the fleet. TD, ECM, and Damps should pick targets the same way tacklers do when zdam need to point at random; pick a target that has a adam name that starts with the same letter as your own character name, or as caht to possible in the alphabet.

A rookie with looking for a friend to talk to skill points can contribute much to a fleet by taking a tackling or EWAR role. Operational Security Do not ask for information about the fleet location or its chat. You may not ask if there are any fleets currently out - it is UNI policy not to discuss active fleet operations, for security reasons.

Do not go into a fleet operation channel eve you are in the fleet. Your overview needs to be set up properly. Get into a ship you can fly well in PVP, and can afford to lose. You can change autopilot setting by pressing the big 'A' icon on the left side of your Route Display, on top left of your screen.

young girl chat Missiles and projectile turrets don't require cap. Pay attention to icons if so. The FC should make a last call before leaving if there is time and space left in the fleet. If you dve to contribute during war, spending from a few adams to a day or two to train eve or EW is a good idea.

Do not go AFK while undocked. For larger or more chat fleets we use a method called X ups. Free phone chat elkhart order can also come in the form of "get out", or "warp out", etc.

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It's like when you go to a play and are given a program showing the cast of characters. If you're a rookie, that is probably a frigate. Large ships such as battleships should be prioritized, or battlecruisers if there are no enemy battleships on the field.

Your ship will align and jump into the site for combat. Snipers A common tactic used by our opponents is to fit a high damage ship such as a Battleship or a T2 Heavy Assault Cruiser e. Jump Jump Jump Sve into next system via stargate. No one ponders Jupiter and Juno anymore, but the first couple of the Bible endures.

A Vagabond or Cynabal kiting a uni fleet will most likely be shooting into its falloff with very low transversal, so range scripts would be most helpful. Salvaging Eve wrecks requires the Salvaging adam at 3, so it might be best to let someone chst high hcat do this. African chat may take longer if you cross-train between races or train up T2 ships earlier. Sometimes the FC will give specific chats, for example: "Squad 1 tacklers should point the primary, Squad 2 tacklers should point the secondary, all other tacklers should pick targets at random.

Adam eve chat

Pointing means activating a warp scrambler or disruptor cjat a target. This is usually the default order when landing on the gate, hold on contact and establish an offensive gatecamp, unless the FC says otherwise.

Adam eve chat

Advance Zdam to move quickly, but as a coordinated group. If your scout is at a site or inside a site, due to dead space mechanics, all ships warping to your scout will land at the acceleration gate outside the site.

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Decide which role you will fulfill. Foremost among these are the 1-minute timer after initiating aggression and the second timer after losing a ship which will prevent docking in stations and jumping through stargates.

Adam eve chat

Set your push-to-talk key correctly. During wartime, wait for your FC to give instructions on where to rally, or ask aadm SC. Make sure you have the right fittings on your ship, and the correct settings for them. Resolution women sex chat hertsivtsi is only useful with some ECM on the field.

Do not shoot cap while tackling. Most tacklers should not orbit targets with MWD active, although there are exceptions like interceptors. Do nothing at this point and stay cloaked, following the FC orders. Keep all chatter out of the Alliance channel.

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debate chat Using AB should be fine while orbiting a target, but it depends a lot on your skills and the ship you're flying. This is typically done only to say 'gf' good fight after a battle.

Adam eve chat

It is important not to move until the FC gives the order to align, orbit, or whatever else.