Bored in harpenden beer or chat

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The Meaning of Liff Aasleagh n. A liqueur made only for drinking at the end of a revoltingly long bottle party when all the drinkable drink has been drunk.

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Barstibley n. For instance, your greenhouse has been cluttered up for years with a huge piece of cardboard and great fronds of gardening string. Fiunary n. The most deformed potato in any given collection of potatoes. Clackmannan n. The now hard-boiled bits sex chat no login nastiness which have to be prised off crockery by hand after it has been through a dishwasher.

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Clabby adj. Other types of framlinghams are burglar alarms fitted to business premises in residential areas, which go off as a matter of regular routine at 5. Panic which sets in when you badly need to go to the lavatory and cannot make up your mind about what book or magazine to take with you. bore

Hadzor n. Shoeburyness abs. The clump, or cluster, of bored, quietly enraged, mildly embarrassed men waiting for their wives to come out of a changing room in a dress shop. Grimsbies are sometimes merely the result of careless cookery, but more often they are placed there deliberately by Freemasons.

Poges pl. A person searching for blah chat, who has reached the futile stage of re-looking in borex the places they have looked once already, is said to be kelling.

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Happle vb. The place where food can be stored after having a tooth extracted. The light breeze which blows through your armpit hair when you are stretched out sunbathing.

Nubbock n. Pimperne n. Esher n. Scots A small tartan pouch worn beneath the kilt during the thistle-harvest.

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Lowestoft n. Lusby n. Smarden vb. The pleasurable cool sloosh of puddle water over the toes of your gumboots. Bedfont n. Glossops, which are generally steaming hot and highly adhesive, invariably fall off your spoon and on to the surface of your host's highly polished antique-rosewood dining table. The bluebottle one is too tired to get up and swat, but not tired enough to sleep through. Ossett n. Dewlish adj.

The gooey drips of wax that dribble down the sides of a candle so beloved by Italian restaurants with Chianti bottles instead of wallpaper. Harpendrn n. Peoria n.

Bored in harpenden beer or chat

Beaulieu Hill n. Galashiels pl. Defined as that amount of margarine capable of covering one hundred slices of bread to the depth of one molecule. Motorists' name for the kind broed pedestrian who stands beside a beauty who dated native american road and waves on the traffic, as if it's their right of way. The optimum vantage point from which to view people undressing in the bedroom across the street.

Bored in harpenden beer or chat

You at last decide to clear all this stuff out, and you burn it. Framlingham n. The chat for married movements of forefingers and eyebrows used when failing to attract the attention of ni and barmen. Banff adj.

Kerry n. The hoop of skin around a single slice of salami.

Bored in harpenden beer or chat

Stealing one piece of fruit from a street fruit-and-vegetable stall.