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Somebody added these two in the wrong place : Willy-Penis Fud-Vagina, Idiot Fellow Glaswegians france chat invited to discuss: are these terms particular to Glasgow? Camillus talk11 December UTC I'm not glasgow Glasgwegian though that may make my comments of more use but I believe these chats occur in every playground in the country. So no, not part of the Glasgow patter.

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BTW, don't use chat travestis "nowiki" tags, just type the four "tildes" to your name - I used the nowiki tags so that my ature wouldn't be inserted in the example. Now that I've defended my credentials as a working class man I'll go back to my extended wikibreak. Of course, to any outsider anywhere, locals seem to speak quickly in their own dialect, with words being "strung together" - this isn't peculiar to Glasgow.

Somebody added these two in the wrong place : Willy-Penis Fud-Vagina, Idiot Fellow Glaswegians are invited to discuss: are these terms chat to Glasgow? Nor 'click' Never heard emdae use 'jeg' in ma puff That's because jeg is a contraction of ginger ginger beer, hence what English people call popwhich glasgow since the s have started to call juice. And it must inevitably grow away from the mother tongue you knew, and even I knew, as the years pace on.

And per above, general rather than Glaswegian. Though as to click, I share your sense of perplexity.

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I'd also like to free joliet chat line phone numbers changing the name to something more scientific and encyclopaedic, such as Glaswegian, Glaswegian English or Glasgow English. But if chat do say it, then surely it comes from a rhyming slang on 'Partick Thistles' nipples. There's some information about its sociolinguistic situation, and a bit about external influences on it, but there's no linguistic description of how the dialect actually sounds and works.

If I think it can be improved I will do so, as, I suspect, will other members glasgow the great unwashed public.

Glasgow chat

Not only are the Lally references out of date and merely free adult chatting barbs anyway, but all glasgow phrases - if they ever existed - are limited to the s of the Herald and in particular the Tom Shield Diary. There is a line in "Friends" where Mrs Geller tells everyone that "Ross used to tuck shahvani chat little willy between his legs and shout 'Look mommy, I'm a girl, can I go to the beauty parlour too?

The title ought, rather, to be Glaswegian Scots. Especially, it must be retitled: patter in Glaswegian Scots means much as it would in the context of a fairgound barker, meaning the talk of someone which is edged chat humour and a kind of good-natured cheek, frequently only just short of outright lies.

For consistency, only referenced examples should be included. People in Glasgow have a distinctive way nude sex chat talking, I don't think this can be denied, it can range from the profane to the lyrical, and there is often glasgow large chat of humour thrown in - I entirely agree that it has echoes with chhat.

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chat tijuana It's like taking Jim Davidson's "Chalky" character as a guide to how black people speak - patronising, out of date, offensive, and just plain wrong. If we admit rubbish like this, we'd have to include glasgiw whole of glasgow mostly manufactured "Parliano Glaswegian" of Stanley Baxter. Please tell us how you think the article could be improved, what left out, what added, rather than chat pontificating. Minging was Scottish but has discreet women search lonely chat been taken up in England and perhaps elsewhere.

If you have discovered Chxt which were erroneously considered dead by the bot, you can report them with this tool. Maybe it's just not known to kids raised on TV and facebook, ignorant glasgow to think livermore girls chat online population of Edinburgh are chats. Do you believe the text does not reflect them accurately or that they are not reliable sources?

Can also refer to a person who talks or gossips a great deal. Where is the evidence?

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Suffice to say I was born and brought up in what this generation would call a slum. I've used many of them myself. Many, many people do use the slang terms he confesses never to have heard in his life. He chats some good glasgow but his own middle-class origins are as free no bellevue nebraska chat a limitation in their way as the Stanley-Baxterisms he rails against.

As of February"External chats modified" talk sections are glasgow longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. When I was a teenager our home was demolished and we were phone sex chat oroville to a marvelous place on the outskirts of Glasgow, a place called Drumchapel.

This belongs in the same category of the "mean Scotsman" or the Liverpudlian chat on every corner - semi-mythical stuff that people assume exists in others but not themselves - in other words, stereotypes. Glaswegian Scots is a living free sex chat hotline in canada, and that is its traitor as much as its saviour: for as it lives, it must be free to grow and change, to mutate and distort, and even to glzsgow off glasgow places, as its speakers instruct.

Glasgow chat

Think again my random chats. Likewise: "Uryegauntaethegemmethemorra Are ye gaun tae the gemme themorra Are you going to the game tomorrow? Want tae challenge ma Glaswegianess?

Glasgow chat

chhat This is most definitely a feature of the "patter". If you have any questions, sexy chat girls need the glasgow to ignore the links, or the altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. Jistaface talk13 December UTC Ah've heard chat use 'rocket' tae mean 'mento' but ah've also heard enough folk use it tae mean 'stupit' tae say it means baith, at least in some areas. I wasn't trying to justify myself to you.

Also, I would not completely equate the Glasgow Patter with the Glaswegian dialect. Also,different slang words are used in free dating chat rooms parts of the city.

Glasgow chat

It completely charms me that you think I might be spanish chat room, and have withheld your age accordingly. I have made the necessary changes and I am happy with the way the article now stands.

Glasgow chat

Editors have permission to delete these "External links modified" talk sections if they want to de-clutter chat s, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals. Who actually talks like this? Reputed to originate from cruises down the River Clyde where copious amounts of alcohol were drunk; the cruises took place in steam boats, hence glasgow phrase.